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About CAT Line SJ

Cultural Active Transportation Line San José (CAT Line SJ) is a non-profit organization created by San José State University alumni who care about active transportation, culture, and the community. We are committed to transporting everyone safely at an affordable price to cultural destinations.

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Core Beliefs
Vision & Mission


  • Active Transportation : The ability for everyone, regardless of age or ability, to get where they need to go without the use of private vehicle.

    • CAT Line SJ is placing particular emphasis on affordability and safety of these services, especially self-powered modes like walking and rolling.

  • Culture : Shared community values, food and drink, art, music, traditions, language, and much more.

    • CAT Line SJ believes that everyone's culture is valuable and should be accessible.

  • Community : all the people involved.

    • CAT Line SJ is working to ensure that everyone; from children to older adults, are able to participate fully in cultural activities.


When Emanuel Jacobo, Samie Malakiman, and Lydon George founded CAT Line SJ in 2020, they started with two critical ideas culture and active transportation.

We believe in the importance of access to cultural sites for everyone.

Core Beliefs

The following core beliefs are key convictions that underlie our actions. They form the foundation of our work, assisting to define our vision for the community we want to live in and the responsibility to transport everyone safely.

  • We believe that all people deserve dignity for their ridership.

  • We believe that all people have the right to affordable transportation, cultural connections, and personal safety.

  • We believe that creativity, resources, and effort are able to fulfill our vision.

Vision & Mission

CAT Line SJ's vision is connecting the community to culture by supporting and facilitating transportation for every child and adult at an equitable price. 


Our vision statement describes the long-term aim of the organization, focusing our work towards that direction. The vision statement places an equity emphasis on transportation and transporting the community to cultural destinations. Currently, neither of these objectives is being fulfilled in San José. CAT Line SJ will work diligently to engage and strengthen the community to develop solutions to empower cultural and active transportation within the community.


Our Mission is to strengthen the community culture by creating an affordable transportation line and provide cultural opportunity, cultural beautification, and dignity to ridership. We believe that working together to provide these essential services, advocate for transportation justice, environmental justice, and to inspire our community by embracing cultures and enjoy sustainable transit.


Our mission statement describes what we believe in and our purpose and role in the community. It addresses our passion to create a cohesive atmosphere and provide dignity for our riders. Connections are created when we invest in the people and the cultural networks within the community.

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Our Services

We intend to promote active transportation by hosting clean ups in underserved neighborhoods that have bike lanes, bike boulevards, and bus lines in San José. 


We intend to activate public spaces with great cultural value, pop-up shops, and mural art in San José. 


Eventually we intend to transport people through our very own San José bus line. Safe, fun, dignified transportation you can eat on.

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Daily Promos


Gong Cha


Community Engagement


Our community involvement goals will be working with pop-up beautification, consulting, affordable transportation, affordable housing, adopt-a-stop, and building partnerships to make it easier for people to get around the city to places they want to go creating it more equitable for all.

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